The Offer Still Stands 2

Fall 2010, after a two-day training conference weekend at the beautiful Mount Evelyn, everyone had packed bags after the morning session, cleaned cabins, and getting ready for a camp lunch before heading home. Talks from the conference were always refreshing, and training seminars were quite usual.

“I found that “Into the harvest” training was quite helpful, I should try some of those strategies in my daily evangelism more.”
“Me, either. I have a non-Christian friend from my class, we’ve hangout a lot, but I was never brave enough to share my faith with her.”

“You will never know what God will do in that person’s life… You should give a go I suppose.”

“So true. By the way, do you know what’s for lunch? There are a lot of people here, but I can’t see any food.”

“I don’t know. Usually camps do BBQ for the last lunch. But I still can’t smell anything so far!”

After a 20 minutes wait, everyone was wondering what lunch would be. Then the dinning room open, one leader walked out said: welcome to the special lunch, please be silent while you are walking in

After I walked in, I saw ten leaders had already sat at ten different tables to wait for us. I quickly glanced tables. There was nothing I can find apart from two jars of water wih eight glasses of water stacked on the side; eight plates stacked, with cutleries on the side; one sharp knife; one block of cheddar cheese; one block of blue cheese; butter; peanut butter; two loaves of Turkish bread; two apples, one green and one red; one block of milk chocolate—uncut in the package; and some grapes. “So…. Was that a Masterchef challenge?” Everyone just looked at each other, shocked!

“Good afternoon everyone, you are attending a Christian training conference here, and our program hasn’t finished yet. So welcome to the last session.” One of the conference organisers stood up, and started speaking. “Welcome to the quiet lunch. Have a look at your table, we have provided food for your lunch already. ”
“Let me explain to you how this lunch works”, Adam kept speaking, “during this lunch, you should still quiet. You cannot serve food to yourself, and only to others at your table. And the last rule is that you must not use any body languages to point out any food you like to have or not. So let me say the Grace and we can get started!”